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Welcome to GovWA.org, a site that focuses on SeaWA. Let me explain.


After more than two decades of political activism, it suddenly occurred to me that no one has ever written a general political reference focusing on either Washington State or its de facto capital, Seattle. I’m not making this up; I asked a reference librarian, and she could find nothing in the Seattle Public Library’s records.

And so I decided to write such a book. I created this website to promote my book, though my long range plan is to turn the website itself into a general political reference.

I’m currently a candidate for Washington State Governor. I hope to publish SeaWA Politix before the primary election on August 4, 2020.

And so a man who claims to be Seattle’s only political activist is about to publish the FIRST general political reference focusing on Washington State – something all of Washington’s Democrats, Republicans, Seattle liberals and progressives, media and phony activists combined have never accomplished. Remember – it ain’t bragging if it’s true. 😉


You can learn more about the book that set a record – several records, in fact – even before it was published on The Book page.